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MSX: Product Consolidation

At MSX, we have years of experience in product consolidation, and are consolidators for the World Duty Free Group, the premiere duty free suppliers for the UK.

We help clients with product consolidation in three main areas:
  • to improve their profitability
  • to reduce supply and delivery costs
  • to offer a better range of goods in their retail outlets

Consolidate products to improve profitability

Most of our brand owners store a variety of product variants with us. With a wide and varied range of stock to choose from, consolidation is achieved through a mix of stock ordering and picking from various brand owner stocks. The in-warehouse availability of products reduces stockholding costs for our consolidation customers, with the added advantage of providing mixed dispatch pallets and reducing delivery costs. For many of our consolidation clients, MSX is a ‘one-stop’ supplier for leading brands of wines, spirit, beers and confectionery.

Consolidate to reduce supply and delivery costs

Taking in deliveries, logging them, checking them, unpacking them and stacking products is a time-consuming process. So, the fewer deliveries that are made to a business, the more effective the time is spent dealing with them. At MSX, we help our clients consolidate their deliveries by providing multi-consignments of both bonded and non-bonded goods, so delivery trailer space is maximised and unpacking times reduced. Our brand owners also benefit from reduced distribution costs even for small deliveries, as consolidation allows us to charge by the load proportion, not a fixed pallet fee.

Consolidate to offer a better range of goods

At MSX, we have the capability to source and store an extensive range of bonded and non-bonded goods for brand owners. So, our consolidation clients can access a wider range of goods from our warehouse, with delivery to multiple points if required, through just one point of contact rather than several.

For details of our consolidation and containerisation services, contact MSX.

Consolidate to benefit the environment

Consolidating deliveries also benefits the environment, making it a greener option for many brand owners to distribute their products across the UK markets. Whether full load, part load or containerised, MSX’s efficient consolidation service:
  • reduces the number of separate deliveries from different suppliers to one client
  • reduces the number of deliveries to one destination/route through consolidating various orders
  • maximises the efficiency of our distribution fleet
The reduction in the number of deliveries reduces fuel use, lowers emissions, reduces the hours our trucks need to spend on UK roads and therefore reduces our carbon footprint and that of our suppliers.


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