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MSX Duty management services

Importing goods into the UK incurs duty and the administration of those duty liabilities involves proper paperwork, tracking and payments, all of which can be complex and can take considerable man hours to complete.

At MSX, we offer a full duty management service. As an HMRC authorised bonded warehouse, we can store dutiable goods underbond at our secure premises in a state of ‘duty-suspension’. Duty only becomes payable where the goods are distributed from the bonded warehouse environment to UK retail sites.

Our expert team can manage every aspect of the various duties applicable on your dutiable goods, be they wines, spirits, ciders, beers or tobacco products. In accordance with HMRC requirements, we will properly mark, identify and log all movements of your excise goods through our warehouse, accounting for every case, bottle or pallet.

When your dutiable goods leave our warehousing facility for the UK retail market, we can both account for and inform you of the duty payable. At MSX, we have HMRC approved duty payment facilities onsite, so there will be no delays in dispatch. For selected clients, we may be able to offer a duty payment service on account.

For brand owners and customers, we can provide cost-saving multi-consignments of both bonded and non-bonded goods, without the delays normally associated with mixed deliveries. Since MSX deals with the duty management of all items in the delivery at point of dispatch, there is no delay waiting for someone else's goods to be cleared for unloading at the other end!

For travel retail clients, we go that extra mile, as our own bonded transport fleet can deliver multi-consignment and consolidated bonded and non-bonded deliveries to tax-free locations, all in one load.

For full details of our duty management services, contact MSX direct.


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